PKB simple evaluation template


  • Name of the project

  • Period: start/end date of the project

  • Teams or departments where the study will take place

  • Evaluation factors (Based on which factors the project will be evaluated?) i.e.

    • Impact of engagement

    • Adoption of PKB

    • Usage of PKB

    • Satisfaction on using PKB

      • Optional (requires manual data collection)

    • Influence of PKB usage on better clinical decision making

Evaluation of PKB pilot/project

Project operalisation: how the department will pilot PKB

  • Characteristics of the pilot i.e. specialty area, service, department 
  • Patients’ cohort and special characteristics 
  • Special requirements/needs  (i.e. manually input of information or via integration)
  • Gathering of further information if required
  • Teams’ setup ( Principal Investigator and/or nurse, fellow, admin staff to support, etc)

Statistics of the pilot  

What features each team will measure. For example, the team will measure:

  • Patients registered

  • Patients activated

  • Times of logins per week

  • Messages sent per week

  • Journal enters

  • Symptoms this week

  • Symptoms in total

  • Carers

Scaled up Demonstrator

  • Which services went live

  • Which are remaining


Evaluation Criteria     Usage

Clinical and operational benefits

Financial benefits

Influence on PKB on decision making

Available Evaluation Data


  • Total cohort of patients in each specialty


Patient Sharing records

  • How many carers added by Patient

    • How many carers accepted/declined

  • How many professional added by Patient

    • How many professionals accepted/declined

  • How many Individuals added by Patient (Professional outside ABMU eg GP, or any other professional)

    • How many Individuals accepted/declined

Available Evaluation Data

Co-ordinator Sharing Records

  • How many Professionals added by Co-ordinator (within the service)

  • How many individuals added by Co-ordinator (Professional outside the service  e.g. GP)


  • How many co-morbidities

  • Symptoms added

  • How many care plans added

  • How many medications added

  • Results sent


  • How many total messages sent

Data available via other methods or under development in PKB

Benefits and Effectiveness

Linking data for attendances, admissions, activity in healthcare

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of virtual clinics to reduce OP follow-ups/telephone follow-ups

  • Link with Information and OPD Service Manager

  • Working with Service Managers and Clinical teams on baselining

Patient Sharing records

  • Impact on Clinical Team workloads – Questionnaire

  • Impact on GP workload – work with Lead GP for Bridgend - Questionnaire

Data Collection Methods

PKB tableau data


  • Data specific e.g. Total messages sent


Perceived impact on self-management/empowerment

Perceived impact on Patient- professional relationship

  • Questionnaires

  • Focus Groups

Clinical Teams

Perceived impact on Patient- professional relationship

  • Questionnaires

  • Meetings