GDPR compliance

PKB is already tested and independently assessed for securely holding patient information. We publish all of our certification, accreditations and external assessments on our Information Governance site

PKB's patient-controlled consent model allows health care institutions to conduct multi-center, multi-country research trials. PKB is experienced in working with different requirements, regulations, providers, and academia. 

How patients' data is used is paramount for PKB. Please find more information on our Privacy policy.  Moreover, for PKB research is important. Once the patient has provided consent to PKB and has decided who can see their record, PKB will use software to search databases to show them information. The patient only decides how to make use of this information, e.g. if we tell them about a research trial, the patient can decide to take part. The information is not shared until the patient has told us to share it. Please read more on our Privacy policy under the section "Will my information be used for anything else?".