Use of a Web-based Personal Health Record (Patients Know Best) to buildcloser relationships with people with Type 1 Diabetes

"I’ve been fortunate to be able to use the Patients Know Best PHR for 4 years and it has proved invaluable, helping support over 700 people with long-term conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disease.  Patients tell us they find it wonderful that they can see their blood test results quickly and discuss these with their specialists using secured messaging in a timely way.  This has meant that many can avoid the need for visits to the outpatient clinic, instead receiving support through message exchanges. When patients encounter problems or things are not going to plan, being able to discuss their concerns via direct messaging can quickly resolve these and often diffuses anxiety too.  Patients tell us these features add more value to the care they receive and help eliminate ‘wastes’ they would otherwise experience."

Dr Pete Davies – Clinical Service Lead for Diabetes Endocrinology

Sandwell General Hospital